Gabriella Bryant’s week in reveiw

Right now I am working on eras of history. I finished my level 3 essay and I want to start working on level 4. On Tuesday I realized that I did not write enough for my essay so I have so research more. Now I have more information.  I am not sure what I would so as my project. 6th grade went on a field trip last Friday. It was very fun. We moved our seats and they are okay so far. I sit at a table with Brandon, Erik, and Sasha. Next week I would like to start my level 4 in eras of history.

Gabriella Bryants week-in review 2-21-20

We did not have school on Monday.

Most of this week I was working on eras of history. I am on level four. For level four I am going to try to raise awareness for a disease or a problem. 

I had a food service meeting and it went pretty good. My group has a pretty good idea of what we want to do and our steps.  We were thinking of doing like a “leave your mark” painting with the whole school. We will also put an #atyoursalisbury hashtag at the bottom. So when people take pictures the people seeing the picture will know its in Salisbury.

That’s it for this week!

Gabriella week in reveiw 2-7-20

This week I did the classroom designs. The classroom design is like we are designing like a new school. My group is finished with our slideshow already. Mr. Beyer got feedback from some students. The project is our posters. They said that the text was hard to read from far away. Sam and I got the idea that we would add pictures. Today we took the CDTs.  We wrote a lot in our journals.

Gabriella Bryants week-in review 1-31-20

This week we had a lot of silent workdays. I started 2 new units, they are Writing Emails and Sentance Structure. I like both of them. Last week we did not do our week in reviews or Friday project thing but we are this week. Sam and I did not work on our project very much. We did get to repaint one of the sides that needed repainting. I also had my conference this week and it went well. This week I was doing an experiment to see how it was to type my journal instead of write. I would say that the only difference is that my hands don’t hurt as bad while I am typing. I am still not very sure about which one I like better. Overall I would say my week was pretty good.

Gabriellas week reflecton #2….


Sam and I painted over some sides and now we are working on the pink side…It is looking pretty good so far. We have enough paint. On Wednesday we had to get Blue paint because we had to paint the blue side over. 

We did not do a group activity this week


Most of this week we got introduced to Week ins. My biggest failure is forgetting what I did in the week. 


This week we also got introduced to our portfolio. The portfolio is used to show our work on a slideshow. The slideshow is also used for our self-evaluation. So far I only have my dispositions project on it.

Gabriella’s reflection…

hey, I am Gabby B and I will tell you about my week. 


Sam and I are doing a project. We have made a cube shape. We had some time to work on it this week and so far we have one side done and will be moving on to our next side. Our first fail was that we accidentally left the white paint open over the break. Let me tell you white paint was very hard to find, but we decided to go to the art room and ask for some white paint. Thankfully we got some white paint.


We did a Rube Goldberg. Since our seats were moved…and two people at our table don’t get along very well it was very hard to finish. I think those two students are getting along a little better now.

Success and failures…

My biggest success this week was finishing one side on my project.

My biggest failure was most likely when we accidentally left the paint open or when our seats got moved. Only because of the fact that some people at our table don’t get along sometimes.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed… Stay tuned for next week!